338Canada Canada Simulator | beta version 0.1

Last update: June 16, 2024

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*In the 2019 federal election, these six parties combined for 99.2% of the popular vote.

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The parameters and functions of this simulator will be regularly updated to take into account regional swings. A note of caution: The seat projections from this simultor are only averages. See main page for full information on current confidence intervals. The seat swings are calculated according to current regional distributions, not only to those of previous elections. A more detailed version of this simulator is in the works.

FAQ about the 338Canada federal simulator

Q: I entered the results from the last election. Why don't I get the correct seat results?

R: Because the simulator parameters are calculated with the current regional distributions, not those of the 2019 election (even if election results are still taken into consideration). If polling regions swing disproportionately from one another compared to past election results, naturally the seats totals will be different.

Q: What is the uncertainty of the seat projections from this simulator?

R: Roughly the same as the overall uncertainty presented on the main page. This is precisely why the simulator only works within the current confidence intervals for each party. While it would be fun to have a simulator that works with ANY set of numbers, it would be neither useful nor accurate.