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61001 - Northwest Territories

Territory: Northwest Territories
Population (2016): 41,785 residents
Population density: 0.04 pop./km² (rank: 337 of 338)
Median household income: $117 688 (rank: 5 of 338)
Member of Parliament: McLeod, Michael (LPC)

Latest projection (September 17th, 2019)

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Candidates of main parties - Northwest Territories

Michael McLeod
Yanik D’Aigle
Mary Beckett
Paul Falvo
Luke Quinlan

The list of candidates is incomplete and will be updated regularly.

Projection of popular vote in Northwest Territories

(Last update: September 17th, 2019)

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Odds of winning - Northwest Territories

(Last update: September 17th, 2019)

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Electoral history of Northwest Territories

(Results of 2011 election have been transposed on the new electoral map. Thanks to Kyle Hutton for his precious help.)

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Map & demographic data of Northwest Territories

(Credits: Elections Canada)

Household languages of Northwest Territories

[Data from 2016 canadian census. Only the four most spoken languages are shown (spoken by a minimum of 0.1% of residents).]

Median household income of Northwest Territories

Click here for complete median income map.

[Data from 2016 Canadian Census. Median household income before taxes.]

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Pre-campaign projections - Northwest Territories

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